Cleaning and Maintenance

All natural floorcoverings need to be cleaned at some point, so why not have your maintenance program in place. After all, you clean your bathroom floors weekly, you would clean the floorboards every time you notice dust on them and probably this would be weekly.

Just because your natural floorcovering such as Sisal, Coir and Seagrass does not appear to be soiled, does not really mean that you don’t need to professionally clean it on a reasonably regular basis.

By regular we don’t mean weekly but at least annually. Natural Sisal Carpet should be professionally cleaned in conjunction with the vacuuming that you are doing on a weekly basis.

All of our products are natural, eco friendly and different to the synthetic nylons etc…Therefore you treat them differently when cleaning.  Natural Sisal floorcoverings are easy to keep clean with weekly vacuuming but we often get asked about red wine and pet urine and how to clean it.

These are the two most difficult liquids that will stain any soft floorcovering and urine with its high acid content will stain.  However, if you can get to them quickly then you can lessen the chance of a possible stain.

With any spill, the secret is not to rub to get the liquid out but to blot the floorcovering to try and draw the moisture up and out.  We are talking about the two most difficult types of potential stain. In most cases, a clean white rag will blot up anything liquid to a good extent if you get to it fast.

However, for the best protection we suggest that you invest in a small kit of HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning which you can tip onto the spot, let it soak up the liquid and then when it is dry vacuum up the Host tiny micro sponges.

HOST contains a balanced blend of moisture, detergent and a small amount of safe-to-use solvents.It will deep-clean spots, spills and traffic areas if used as directed.It is safe to use and is an organic product which can be put on the garden after use.

If you require an annual clean by one of the HOST Cleaning agents then you can contact:Programmed Carpet Management - (03) 9826-3511 or visit their website and they will arrange for someone to come and clean your Sisal floorcovering.

We sell the HOST spot cleaning kit at $65.00 per pack (ex postage) which will last some time and it is important to have this on hand at home for those unexpected accidents.

Any Natural Sisal Fiber Floorcovering should be DRY cleaned. Do NOT steam clean or shampoo as natural fiber products can shrink or expand depending on the fiber and amount of water used.

Sisal Protection Spray

In high traffic areas or dining and food service locations it is advisable to consider protecting your floor covering as this is as investment in your home.We can organize someone to come and apply the protective coating to your floor or, when ordering we can apply the sisal flooring spray pritection  to your floorcovering or rug. The life of the protection will vary with the amount of usage but the average domestic situation should last approximately 12 months before re-applying.



Sharkey had a little accident

UPDATE: In response to the article I would like to bring to light the fact that Sharkey is a cute little GIRL. Also, she is a very HAPPY dog that happens to be good at many different facial expressions! 

I just love the way sisal carpeting looks throughout my homes, but just like any carpet, sisal does not fare well with spills, or the occasional pet ‘accident.’ Fortunately, I discovered a remarkable product that does a fantastic job of making those stains disappear. It’s called Host Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack. This all-natural product is made up of a balanced blend of moisture, detergent, and a bit of safe-to-use solvents. When needed, we just sprinkle the sawdust-like material over the stain and gently brush it in. Host goes to work, dissolving and absorbing the stain and any odor associated with it. After about an hour, you just vacuum it up and voila! – no more stain and no wet carpet! I’ve used Host Cleaner with great success and it’s good for all types of carpets. Plus, I love that it’s environmentally friendly.