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Floorspace On Line Rug Builder

Floorspace has used the best available photography to capture the visual qualities of our natural fiber floor coverings and borders. Even though the highest quality images have been used, variations between computer monitors and their color set up will mean that colors may vary slightly. If you have any doubts prior to making your purchase regarding the actual color of the material selected or the border, we will gladly post you a sample at no charge. Simply call us on +61 3 98822477 or email and request the samples you would like to see and we will have these posted the same day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Proceeding with a rug purchase using this online facility without requesting material samples is done so with the understanding that there may be color variations between the image viewed on a computer monitor and the finished rug. As such, no refunds will be given due to color variations between photography and finished rugs.

Purchases & Payments

As all rugs using this facility are custom made, full payment is required upon purchasing.

Designing and purchasing your custom made rug is easy. Simply follow the steps from the home screen then add the item to your cart and click buy now. Payments can be made 24hours a day, 7 days a week by using our 100% secure GoPay partner (see below for security and privacy policy). Alternatively, if you would like to talk to a person directly, you can contact us on +61 3 98822477 and process your order with one of our staff. Staff are available to talk to 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am till 3pm Saturdays. We are closed Sundays.

Credit Card Security

Floorspace Australia uses GoPay for the processing of all credit card payments. GoPay are fully responsible for the capturing and use of all credit card payments. GoPay offers the highest quality credit card security through the use of their 128/256 bit SSL Encryption system. If for any reason you have a question regarding the security of your private information please contact us at any time by phone or email.


Your Privacy Is Number One

The privacy of your personal information is our first priority. AT NO STAGE does Floorspace Australia keep records of any credit card or banking information.
In Addition, any personal information given in the payment window is only used for the intended transaction. AT NO STAGE is any of your information either sold or forwarded on to any other organization. All information (with the exception of banking details) stays within Floorspace Australia at all times. If for any reason you have a question regarding the security of 128/256-bit your private information please contact us at any time my phone or email.

Not In Stock?

All of our materials are kept in stock. In the unlikely event that an item is out of stock due to high demand for that item you will be contacted by phone or email. You will be given one of the following 3 options.

1. Proceed with the order when new stock arrives.
2. Change the material.
3. Full Refund.

Cancellations and Returns

All rugs using this facility are custom made. As such, we allow 12 hours from placing your order to cancel it in full with no penalty applied. Cancellations can be made by phone or email.

Floorspace Natural Fibers

All products sold by Floorspace are woven from Natural Fibers, as a result they contain irregularities in the weave and color. These irregularities are a characteristic and feature of all natural floor coverings and are in no way considered as a flaw in the material color or construction. As all products are natural, there may be differences between samples and rolls of material. This is the natural of the product but in no way affects the wear ability of the material and is not grounds for claim or refund of any kind.

Sunlight and UV

All of our floorcoverings use the highest quality color dyes. However, the color of our product will change over time. Our products are not UV stable and exposure to UV light will result in the material changing color to some degree.

Floorspace bindings are of the highest quality. However, like all floor coverings bindings these are a dyed material and will change color with time. Our bindings are not UV stable and will change color over time depending upon the degree of exposure to Sunlight and UV.

Spills and Cleaning

Floorspace gives no guarantee against spills or stains of any kind be it in commercial applications or residential. Further, prior to the use of the Host cleaning kits available for purchase at Floorspace, all clients must read and fully understand the instruction sheet supplied with each cleaning kit. As stated in the Host Cleaning instruction sheet, do not use the liquid spot cleaner on any natural fiber floor coverings. All cleaning kits can remove portions of dyes from floor coverings, ensure you test any cleaning products on a sample piece of floor covering before use. This includes the use of Host Kits on Floorspace natural fiber products.

As stated in the printed material supplied with each Host Kit:
"Natural fibres are very absorbent so permanent discoloration from spots, spills and liquids may occur. note that the color of these fibers may be affected by any type of cleaning".

All Floorspace floor coverings are to be cleaned using the dry-cleaning method. Under no circumstances should you steam clean any natural fibre products. If you are unsure then please feel free to contact our office for cleaning advice on +61 3 98822477.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Floorspace places a 12 month guarantee on all materials. This guarantee applies to the manufacturing quality of the supplied material. It does not cover in any way everyday wear and tear, spills and stains or damage caused by careless action. See also above ‘Floorspace Natural Fibers’ section re material imperfections.

Carpet Moth

Floorspace does not cover any damage or infestation caused by carpet moth as this is not controllable by Floorspace.

Material Inspection Upon Delivery

As all our products are natural, when they are first rolled out, they may have a bubbling or wrinkling appearance. This is will disappear as the material acclimatizes and relaxes to its environment. Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned.

All custom made mats and hall runners are made by hand in our factory. For this reason, we allow a 15mm variance to the overall dimensions of the mat being made and finished with the agreed binding.

Damage Upon Delivery

Please note that if there are any quality issues with your delivery, these must be addressed within 24 hours of the delivery date. Damage caused to rugs during the delivery process is extremely rare. If in the event your goods do arrive damaged, please sign for the goods as DAMAGED. If the purchase is unable to be inspected upon delivery the goods must be signed for UNCHECKED.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any damaged goods must be returned in the original wrapping or wrapping that is the equivalent high quality wrapping that has been used. If goods are damaged during transit, you are certainly entitled to an exchange or full refund. HOWEVER, if the goods are not signed as DAMAGED or UNCHECKED as stated in full above NO refund will be given.

Upon following the above instruction, Floorspace Australia will coordinate the collection of the goods at a time that suites you. Please Note that any purchases outside of Australia are non-refundable under any circumstances.


It is our aim to offer the very best in customer service. If you have a complaint of any kind, please either call us on +61 3 98822477 or email and we will contact you as soon as possible to address and resolve your issue as fast as possible.