Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the Floorspace Tips and Tricks page. In this section, you will find helpful hints to assist you with measuring rugs and runners for different areas of your home, as well as handy advise relating to wall to wall installations of our natural fibre floorcoverings. This section will be ever expanding so be sure to have a look from time to time. If you have any handy tips and tricks related to natural sisal floorcoverings and our other related natural floorcoverings then let us know...simply email in our contacts page above.   

  • When measuring your hall runner, always check to ensure any doors will clear the height of the floorcovering you have chosen.
  • When measuring a sisal rug for under a dining table, pull the chairs out on all 4 sides as if you were going to sit down. Now take the rug measurement approx 10cm past the back legs of each chair. This will ensure that when you pull a chair out to sit down, the back legs do not catch on the edge of the rug causing it to curl.
  • Create the illusion of more space: In a livingroom with large couches, take the rug half way under or all the way under your couch. This will make the space look larger.
  • If you want to define the are your rug is going in then having a 2" Linen or Cotton border will achieve this. This style of border creates a framed look that clearly outlines the area and its use. 
  • If you are measuring rooms for wall to wall installation, ensure you measure to the outside of all doorways leading out of the space.
  • To reduce noise in a large livingroom, a great idea can be to choose a thicker/denser natural floorcovering. A fantastic material for this is the Greystone Pure Wool/Jute Mix and the Fine Rustic Weave Granite Sisal with a tuck under border. This will absorb more sound and quieten the room.
  • In addition to the above relating to sound reduction, Floorspace can add a padded backing to any rug. This not only creates a softer feel under foot but also increase's the density thus absorbing more noise.
  • Unfortunately the possibility of marks and stains are impossible to eliminate 100%. There are 2 ways to minimize the impact of these:- (1) Choose a natural fibre that has a fleck to it. The advantage of a flecked material over a single color is that if you do have a stain it will blend more and not have as greater contrast as it would on a single colored material. (2) Spray Protection:- Floorspace can apply a stain protection spray in our factory to your wall to wall material or rug. These protection sprays do not stain proof materials. Rather, they slow down the absorption rate of liquids giving you more time to get a clean white cloth and blot the liquid up.