Greystone Wool and Jute Mix

$112.00 per Square Metre

Dimensions: 4 meter wide rolls (Cut to size)

Greystone Wool and Jute mix was developed and introduced into our range in early 2014 as set sized rugs (see set sized rugs for sale). Now available for custom sized rugs of any size and shape as well as wall to wall installations, this beautifully woven floorcovering is exceptionally soft and luxurious to walk on.

Custom Rugs

Floorspace can create a stylish wool and Jute rug to your dimensions with your choice of a wide range of borders including Leather, Overlocking, 2" Cotton, Hessian, Tuck Under, & Self Edge.

For extra comfort, a padded backing can be added to any material and rug style. As well as added cushioning, this also increases noise absorption and insulation. 

If you have an idea as to how you would like your rug bordered or wish to supply your own border then just let us know. 

Wall To Wall Installations

Greystone wool and jute mix is extremely hard wearing and ideal for high traffic areas including bedrooms, hallways and living areas.
Installed on high grade recycled cotton underlay, rubber underlay, over existing underlay or directly to the floor, Greystone wool and jute mix adds a touch of class to any home while being environmentally friendly.

Although not allergy proof, many clients have taken advantage of and commented on the reduction of their allergies since installing wool and jute instead of conventional flooring products. Allergy reduction will differ from person to person and depend upon the type of allergy an individual has. 


Greystone wool and jute mix can be successfully installed on stairs either on underlay or direct stick. Quite often, staircase installation is done in runner form leaving polished floor boards showing either side. This has the effect of enhancing the look for the staircase by using the floorboards to border the stair runner, while at the same time diminishing the noise that comes with solid stair cases. Bordering the runner can be either tuck under, overlocking or 2" cotton, its completely up to you.